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What is included?

Pricing is inclusive of food and bedding, however while we offer the service to feed your own meal / food to your pet while in our charge we cannot offer any reduction for this service, we do also have a vet on call 24 hours a day for the welfare needs of your pet should it be required.

We endevour to make you pets stay as confortable and caring as possible. Our love for all types of pets is self evident; our family run kennels have a personal touch you will really like.

Kennels for Dog's

Giant Dogs: £ 11.00 Per Night
Extra Large Dogs: £ 12.00 Per Night
Large Dogs: £ 10.00 Per Night
Medium Dogs: £ 9.00 Per Night
Small Dogs: £ 8.00 Per Night

Small Animal Fee's

Birds: £ 4.00 Per Night
Mice / Hamsters' etc.: £ 3.00 Per Night
Rabbits: £ 4.50 Per Night in Hutch
Guinea Pigs: £ 3.50 Per Night in Hutch

Cattery Fee's

 Cats: £ 5.00 Per Night

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